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Contractor / Funded Organisation: RAGT Seeds Ltd

Detailed below are science projects undertaken for, or managed on behalf of, Defra by the Contractor/Funded Organisation selected.

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LK09119: Integrated strategy to prevent mycotoxin risks (Inspyr)
Description - Time Scale & Cost
From 2010 To 2014, Cost £508,968
LK09125: New wheat root ideotypes for yield performance in reduced input agriculture
Time Scale & Cost
From 2011 To 2015, Cost £545,189
LK09135: Screening for costs of disease resistance caused by stomatal dysfunction
Time Scale & Cost
From 2010 To 2015, Cost £443,759
LK0986: Improving water use efficiency and drought tolerance in UK winter wheats
Description - Objective - Time Scale & Cost
From 2007 To 2010, Cost £303,260
Field of Study:   Agriculture and Climate Change
Theme:   Climate Change and Adaptation in Agriculture
Crop Improvement, Environment, Farming, Arable Farming, Wheat Production
LK0992: Adapting wheat to global warming
Time Scale & Cost
From 2007 To 2012, Cost £365,535
LK0999: Adaptive winter wheat populations: development, genetic characterisation and application
Time Scale & Cost
From 2008 To 2013, Cost £710,304
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