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Contractor / Funded Organisation: Swedeponic UK Ltd

Detailed below are science projects undertaken for, or managed on behalf of, Defra by the Contractor/Funded Organisation selected.

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HL0172LHN: Producing High Quality Horticultural Growing Media through the Retention of Plant Structure in Composted Food-Processing Waste
Project Documents - Time Scale & Cost
From 2004 To 2006, Cost £198,000
Field of Study:   Horticulture
Theme:   Sustainable Use of Natural Resources and Labour
Climate Change, Agricultural Waste, Composting, Farming, Amenity, Horticulture, Natural Resource Use, Others, Sustainable Farming and Food, Sustainable Production
HL0179LHN: Producing a horticultural growing media peat replacement through the retention of plant structure in composted food-processing waste "COMPEAT"
Objective - Project Documents - Time Scale & Cost
From 2007 To 2010, Cost £415,000
Field of Study:   Resource Efficient and Resilient Food Chain
Theme:   Waste Reduction and Recycling in the Food Chain
Composting, Food manufacturing industry, Food Processing Sciences, Integrated Farming Systems, LINK Programme, Soils, Sustainable Farming and Food, Sustainable Farming and Food Science, Sustainable Farming Systems
HL0193: New approaches to microbial control of insect pests in protected crops and their interaction with waste-based growing media
Project Documents - Time Scale & Cost
From 2008 To 2011, Cost £223,278
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