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Theme: TB - Policy

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ZF0531: The ecological consequences of removing badgers from an ecosystem
Description - Project Documents - Time Scale & Cost
From 1999 To 2007, Cost £1,846,627
Contractors / Funded Organisations:   Dummy CSL for ZF0531/SE3117, Central Science Laboratory
Field of Study:   Animal Health
Bovine Tuberculosis, Control, Epidemiology, Animal Health, Plants and Animals, Zoonoses
ZF0532: Decision-making research into farmers’ cattle purchasing behaviour, investigating the current role of TB risk assessment in purchase decisions and appraising future ways to increase the importance of such risk assessment
Description - Objective - Time Scale & Cost
From 2019 To 2020, Cost £107,042
Contractors / Funded Organisations:   Cardiff University
Field of Study:   Animal Health
Bovine, Cattle, Disease Control, Animals, Social Research, Transmission, Tuberculosis
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