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Contractor / Funded Organisation: Engineering and Physical Sciences Research

Detailed below are science projects undertaken for, or managed on behalf of, Defra by the Contractor/Funded Organisation selected.

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FD2016: Flood Risk Management Research Consortium
Description - Time Scale & Cost
From 2004 To 2008, Cost £969,500
Field of Study:   Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management
Theme:   Policy Development
Environmental Protection, Flood and Coastal Defence, Flood Defence, Land, Policy Development
FT0407: The development of a systemic framework for supply chain alignment
Description - Time Scale & Cost
From 2000 To 2001, Cost £70,000
Field of Study:   Resource Efficient and Resilient Food Chain
Theme:   EUREKA scheme
Food and Drink, Food Chain, Food manufacturing industry, Manufacturing Efficiency, Benchmarking
LK0307: Moulded and recyclable structural packaging from expanded starch cellular materials (STARPACK)
Time Scale & Cost
From 1995 To 1999, Cost £522,891
Field of Study:   Non-Food Crops
Theme:   Fibres research
SD0336: Collaborative Centre on Natural and Environmental Risk
Time Scale & Cost
From 2008 To 2011, Cost £300,000
Theme:   Horizon Scanning (SD03)
SD0457: EPSRC - Defra pilot Engineering Fellowship Placement Scheme
Time Scale & Cost
From 2010 To 2011, Cost £100,000
Theme:   CSA Strategic & Cross-Cutting Science Projects
WR0305: Science and Strategies for the Long Term Management and Remediation of Landfills - contribution to funding grant
Description - Objective - Time Scale & Cost
From 2006 To 2011, Cost £200,000
Field of Study:   Waste Management
Theme:   B: Effective Regulation
Environmental Protection, Managing residual waste in landfill, Residual Wastes Management, Waste Management
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