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Contractor / Funded Organisation: AgriSense BSC Ltd

Detailed below are science projects undertaken for, or managed on behalf of, Defra by the Contractor/Funded Organisation selected.

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HL0175LSF: Integrated Pest and Disease Management for high quality protected raspberry production
Project Documents - Time Scale & Cost
From 2006 To 2011, Cost £654,812
HL0184LSF: Pheromone technology for monitoring and control of Capsid pests to reduce pesticide use in horticultural crops
Project Documents - Time Scale & Cost
From 2007 To 2012, Cost £352,544
HL0189: Developing biocontrol methods and their integration in sustainable pest and disease management in plum and cherry production
Description - Time Scale & Cost
From 2009 To 2014, Cost £357,450
HL0194: Exploiting semiochemicals, conservation biocontrol and selective physical methods in integrated management of pear sucker
Project Documents - Time Scale & Cost
From 2008 To 2012, Cost £397,549
Field of Study:   Horticulture
Theme:   Horticulture LINK
Integrated Farming Systems, Sustainable Farming and Food Science, Sustainable Farming Systems
LK0428: Integration of semiochemicals into management systems for livestock nuisance flies [was P188]
Time Scale & Cost
From 1995 To 1998, Cost £454,899
Field of Study:   Animal Welfare
Theme:   On-farm ruminants welfare
LK0858: Agronomic Processes to Optimise Galanthamine Content of Daffodil Biomass. APOGCDB
Time Scale & Cost
From 2011 To 2015, Cost £576,344
LK0924: Integrated control of wheat blossom midge
Description - Objective - Project Documents - Time Scale & Cost
From 2001 To 2004, Cost £196,357
Field of Study:   Arable Crops
Theme:   Arable crop zoology and pest science
Cereals, Climate and Weather, Climate Change, Crop Pests, Farming, Insecticide use, LINK Programme, Natural Resource Use, Arable Farming, Sustainable Farming and Food, Sustainable Production, Wheat Production
LK0969: Assessment of wheat blossom midge risk and exploitation of resistant and tolerant varieties
Description - Objective - Time Scale & Cost
From 2005 To 2008, Cost £238,181
Theme:   LINK: Sustainable Arable
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