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Contractor / Funded Organisation: Co-operative Group (CWS) Ltd

Detailed below are science projects undertaken for, or managed on behalf of, Defra by the Contractor/Funded Organisation selected.

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HL0175LSF: Integrated Pest and Disease Management for high quality protected raspberry production
Project Documents - Time Scale & Cost
From 2006 To 2011, Cost £654,812
LK0663: Humane electric stunning of farmed sea fish
Description - Objective - Project Documents - Time Scale & Cost
From 2005 To 2006, Cost £121,072
Theme:   LINK Sustainable Livestock Production
LK0823: UK cultivation of rosemary to provide the raw materials for development of a new genre of bio-based antioxidants
Project Documents - Time Scale & Cost
From 2008 To 2011, Cost £404,961
LK09126: BBSRC 56% MoU in place Understanding Quality Determinants in Pea Seeds to improve market opportunites that promote sustainable agriculture
Time Scale & Cost
From 2009 To 2014, Cost £736,000
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