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Pathogenesis and diagnosis of tuberculosis in cattle - complementary field studies - SE3013

Attempts to control bovine tuberculosis in GB are hampered by lack of scientific knowledge in several key areas: (1). A true picture of the pathology, immunology and clinical pathology of reactor cattle; (2). The extent to which ongoing infection in herds is due to cattle to cattle spread being maintained by animals falsely testing negative to the skin test.
By undertaking detailed pathological, clinico-pathological, bacteriological and immunological examination of 200 reactor and 200 in contact non-reactor cattle, it will be possible to define many of the parameters critical for experimental and modelling studies. These include, lesion localisation, the extent of nasal shedding in the early stagers of disease and the role of concurrent infection as a covariate in pathogenesis. The detailed immunological profiling will assist in validating markers of early disease and pathology, which should help to detect animals in the early stages of infection. All results arising from the study will be closely integrated by using advanced systems of data capture, transfer and storage, and the experience gained should assist MAFF in other complex field studies, such as the current Krebs’ trial.
01 31/03/2001 Develop intranet based method for data capture and transfer

02 31/03/2004 Undertake 200 detailed post-mortem examinations of reactor cattle

03 31/03/2004 Undertake relevant histological, microbiological and clinical pathological studies of samples collected from the autopsied animals

04 31/03/2004 Undertake immunological testing on 200 in contact non-reactor cattle followed by a detailed PME and relevant histological, microbiological and clinical pathological studies. The purpose of this study is to:
a) determine how commonly in contact SICCT-negative animals in multi-reactor herds are in fact infected or show an immune response to TB identified by other tests.
b) Investigate factors that may be involved in the failure of some animals to respond to the SICCT

05 31/05/2004 Undertake epidemiological and statistical analyses of the total study

Project Documents
• Final Report : Pathogenesis and diagnosis of tuberculosis in cattle - complementary field studies   (2516k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2000

To: 2005

Cost: £2,850,729
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Veterinary Laboratories Agency
Animal Health              
Bovine Tuberculosis              
Plants and Animals