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Testing TB Vaccines in Cattle - SE3212

The Krebs report has recommended the development of cattle vaccines as the most promising strategy to control bovine tuberculosis in the UK. This proposal addresses this and related items, namely the development of diagnostic reagents differentiating between diseased and vaccinated animals as outlined in the MAFF Animal Health and Welfare Research Requirements. Specifically, it addresses sections A to D, and F, as listed under Developing improved strategies to reduce herd breakdown:
A by the development of an M. bovis cattle challenge model and the use of BCG as prototype vaccine.
B by testing a prototype M. bovis BCG auxotroph vaccine in cattle.
C by conducting a MPB83 DNA vaccine-based vaccination trial.
D by identifying new M. bovis antigens through the screening of a cosmid library, by looking at cytokine responses and bacterial killing in vitro by vaccinated and infected cattle, and finally by assessing the role of CD8+ T cells.
F by assessing defined M. bovis antigens and peptides as reagents for differential diagnosis, by testing if these antigens are compromised after M. bovis challenge of vaccinated cattle.
Obj. No. Completed by date Description
VLA01 31/01/2000 To establish M. bovis cattle challenge model
VLA02 31/10/2001 To perform a BCG vaccination experiment to establish vaccine gold standard
VLA03 30/11/1999 To define antigen or peptide cocktails (MPB64, 70, 83, ESAT-6) which can discriminate between M. bovis infection and BCG vaccination in cattle (differential diagnosis)
VLA04 30/07/2001 To determine if M. bovis infection of BCG-vaccinated cattle will compromise differential diagnosis using protein and peptide-based reagents
VLA05 31/08/2001 To use a whole-blood killing assay to determine bactericidal activity of M. bovis-infected, BCG-vaccinated, or vaccinated and challenged cattle
VLA06 30/11/2001 To study cytokine responses as possible correlates of protection in M. bovis-infected, BCG-vaccinated, or vaccinated and challenged cattle
VLA07 31/01/2003 To identify novel antigens of M. bovis which stimulate strong IFN-ƒ× responses by screening M. bovis cosmid library in M. smegmatis
VLA08 31/03/2004 To determine protective efficacy of vaccine candidates in collaboration with Dr Buddle, AgResearch, NZ (to be subcontracted to Dr B. Buddle, AgResearch, NZ)
VLA09 30/04/2002 Phase II assessment (induction of immune responses) of optimised TB DNA vaccine
VLA10 31/05/2002 To study the specificity of CD8+ T cell responses in vaccinated and M. bovis-infected cattle
VLA11 28/02/2004 To determine if novel M. bovis antigens are suitable for differential diagnosis by assessing BCG-vaccinated, and vaccinated and challenged cattle
VLA12 31/03/2002 Maintain close collaboration through regular consultation meetings with IAH, Compton, and DANI, Belfast
VLA13 31/03/2004 Produce scientific papers, annual and final reports
Project Documents
• Final Report : Testing TB vaccines in cattle   (638k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 1999

To: 2005

Cost: £1,609,963
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Veterinary Laboratories Agency
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