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SSB Legacy – Blue Carbon stocks and accumulation analysis for Secretary of State (SoS) region - ME5439

“Blue carbon” habitats refer to certain marine and coastal habitats e.g. saltmarsh that capture CO2 as organic carbon and store it in their biomass and surrounding sediments. Marine blue carbon habitats play an important role in carbon sequestration, preventing biodiversity loss and supporting adaptation and resilience to climate change. Building a robust blue carbon evidence base is vital for achieving many policy outcomes and actions.
Completion of meta-analysis of blue carbon habitat stocks and fluxes and identification of evidence gaps. - A review of literature and raw data will be completed and compiled for selected key habitats – Seagrasses; Saltmarshes; Offshore sediments; Intertidal; Kelp (biomass in-situ and potential fate); Slope (>200m). These will be linked to habitat extent areas to provide a total stock and sequestration rate in UK EEZ and SoS regions (and for habitats) and significance analysis relating to total C sequestration (present vs potential and recoverability), protection/restoration (including timescales, natural, planted) and evidence gaps.

Recommended Citation:
Ruth Parker, Lisa Benson, Carolyn Graves, Silke Kröger, Rui Vieira (2021) Carbon stocks and accumulation analysis for Secretary of State (SoS) region, Cefas Report for Defra project ME5439, 42 pp.

The information detailed in this ME5439 report and other relevant studies was summarised to assess the climate mitigation potential of blue carbon habitats in English waters both presently and under loss and restoration scenarios. This additional information now published was collated for presentation at a workshop hosted by Defra in September 2021 and attended by representatives from across the UK Government, NGO and academic sectors to present and draw a consensus on the current status of the blue carbon evidence base, identify and prioritise evidence gaps and discuss how the UK community can work together in future to fill these.
Project Documents
• FRP - Final Report : ME5439 Blue Carbon stocks and accumulation analysis for Secretary of State region   (1400k)
• TPS - Two Page Summary : ME5439 Blue Carbon Stocks Fluxes 2pgSummary   (305k)
• WRK - Conference and Workshop Presentations and Reports : Benson & Parker 2021 The current evidence for climate mitigation potential of marine habitats in English waters   (753k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2020

To: 2021

Cost: £42,191
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Climate Change              
Marine Sediments