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Spurdog By-catch Avoidance Programme - MB0142

This project proposes to trial and evaluate an alternative option, the Spurdog By-catch Avoidance Programme. The purpose is to aid the conservation of spurdog, while providing legitimate flexibility within the future landing obligation to account for unpredictable and unavoidable spurdog catches, whilst minimising the risk of creating a ‘choke’ species. By promoting the avoidance of spurdog, this project will reduce spurdog by-catch levels and subsequent dead discards and therefore the potential to reduce overall fishing induced mortality of spurdog. This will contribute to the development of a rebuilding and management plan for spurdog by aiding in its conservation and speed stock recovery in the NEA.
1.To form collaborative working partnerships with the fishing industry, and engage with key stakeholder groups in the delivery of the Spurdog By-catch Avoidance Programme.

2.Investigate, develop, source and implement a real-time by-catch avoidance tool.

3.Select up to 10 suitable commercial fishing vessels (>12m in length) operating in the Celtic Sea fisheries, to participate in the Spurdog By-catch Avoidance Programme.

4.Record the activity of up to 10 fishing vessels participating in the Spurdog By-catch Avoidance Programme in the Celtic Sea for 12 months.

5.Evaluate and report on the outcomes and success of the Spurdog By-catch Avoidance Programme.
Project Documents
• TPS - Two Page Summary : MB0142 Two Page Summary   (219k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2015

To: 2016

Cost: £124,737
Contractor / Funded Organisations