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Quick Scoping Review on the impact of amenity pesticides on the water environment - WT1546

The aim of this project is to carry out Quick Scoping Review of the evidence around the use of amenity pesticides (to include professional use and home and garden use) and their impact on controlled waters. The Evidence Review shall be conducted following guidelines for setting-up an Evidence Review within Defra’s Guidance Document for the production of Quick Scoping Reviews and Rapid Evidence Assessments, developed by the Joint Water Evidence Group and attached separately as part of this competition call.

The Water Framework Directive (WFD) (2000/60/EC) was introduced to protect and restore both the chemical and ecological status of water bodies throughout Europe. Urban diffuse pollution has been identified as a key threat to water quality and therefore the WFD’s objectives. The Government has committed to identifying and addressing the most significant sources of urban pollution and in November 2012 launched a consultation entitled ‘Tackling water pollution from the urban environment’ to consult on a strategy to address diffuse water pollution from the built environment.
Pesticides used in the urban environment, known as amenity pesticides, are applied by home owners, local authorities and businesses to gardens, parks, footpaths, golf courses etc in order to maintain amenity and protect buildings and other structures from damage.

A number of respondents to the urban water pollution consultation indicated that pesticides and fertilisers use in urban environments should be a higher priority than stated in the consultation document. Additionally, they felt that because the use of pesticides and fertilisers is mainly controlled by local authorities they would be a relatively easily managed.
The Quick Scoping Review asks the following questions:

Primary Question: Review existing evidence on the impact of amenity pesticides on controlled waters

Secondary Question: Assess the relative importance of the impact from amenity pesticides on controlled waters within the context of other pressures driving failure to meet WFD objectives.

Secondary Question: Estimate the costs and effectiveness of mitigation measures tackling the impact of amenity pesticides on the water environment.
Detailed analysis and final agreement on the exact content of the primary and secondary questions will be undertaken at the Inception Meeting.
Project Documents
• FRP - Final Report : 140812 - Quick Scoping Review on the impact of amenity pesticides on the water environment   (925k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2013

To: 2014

Cost: £11,746
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Harper Adams University College
Water Quality