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Biodegradable plastic carrier bags - Lot 1: Decreasing environmental impact - WE0109

This project will contribute to the policy on carrier bags, which aims to reduce distribution and consumption of carrier bags and ensure appropriate treatment of the resulting waste without adversely affecting other waste processes. This specific project aims to use the established TSB SBRI process as a vehicle to direct innovation to boost the UK economy in producing biodegradable bags.

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There are two elements to the project. The first will encourage the development of: novel polymeric materials that will fully biodegrade in a range of natural environments while retaining compatability with established waste treatment options. The second seeks to develop new ways to distinguish between the materials, to enable greater separation in waste streams helping to ensure appropriate treatment of different types of waste.
This policy is a ministerial priority.This phase of the project will be completed during 13/14 and will consist of a series of feasibility studies. A second phase is planned for 14/15 to develop the most promising proposals, but that will be the subject of a separate approval.
Project Documents
• FRP - Final Report : Axion Lot 1 Final WE0109   (502k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2014

To: 2014

Cost: £12,900
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Axion Consulting