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NANR322 Survey of Noise Attitudes (SoNA) 2013 - NO0242

The Survey of Noise Attitudes (SoNA) 2013 is a face-to-face survey of attitudes to environmental, neighbour and neighbourhood noise. This includes noise from transportation sources, noise from inside and outside other people’s homes, and noise arising from within the community, such as industrial and commerical premises. Three large-scale surveys on attitudes to noise have been previously conducted on behalf of Defra (National Noise Attitude Surveys - NNASs) and its predecessor body, in 1990, 2000 and in 2012. SoNA is designed to be more cost-effective and agile than the previous NNASs with an ability to focus on key policy requirements. This is a pilot of the new survey design and therefore covers England only. The policy area focussed on is noise from entertainment premises. This contract covers the field work aspect of the project only.
Delivery of SoNA questionnaire (face-to-face) to a sample accross England to establish current attitudes to noise, in particular that from road, neighbour and entertainment (held in locations likely to be impacted by changes to the licensing regimes) sources.
Project Documents
• FRP - Final Report : NANR322 SoNA2013 Report Final Nov 2015   (6181k)
• ANX - Annex : NANR322 SoNA2013 Appendix I Survey Dataset   (6710k)
• ANX - Annex : NANR322 SoNA2013 Appendix I Survey Dataset Codebook   (7257k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2013

To: 2014

Cost: £222,250
Contractor / Funded Organisations
G F K N O P Social Research
Fields of Study