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Common Fisheries Policy reform implementation: aligning zero quota species and improving fisheries management – a spurdog case study. - MB0125

Aligning spurdog management appropriately with a zero quota under a reformed Common Fisheries Policy may offer the possibility of a nominal bycatch provision (TAC) for dead spurdog.

This project will
(i) undertake the necessary biological research,
(ii) collect and analyse relevant existing and new commercial bycatch and discard data, and
(iii) obtain the necessary regional and European stakeholder involvement, for a UK led initiative for the alignment of spurdog management measures in the Northeast Atlantic.

The possibility of an evidenced-based nominal bycatch allowance (TAC) for dead spurdog will be investigated, together with options for potential management measures, such as spatial and temporal avoidance. Options will be presented by Defra to the Commission for their consideration.
1. To engage with (i) relevant devolved administrations, (ii) the Commission, (iii) key stakeholder groups, and (iv) the wider international community to form an alliance, to drive forward a UK led initiative for the alignment of spurdog management measures for the Northeast Atlantic.
2. Proposed reclassification of the IUCN listing for Northeast Atlantic spurdog.
3. Provide improved evidence on the temporal and spatial dynamics of spurdog populations to inform the development of potential avoidance measures on a regional basis.
4. Collate and update data to improve understanding of commercial discarding patterns and the survival of discarded spurdog.
5. Investigate the potential of various management scenarios.
6. Investigate the potential role of gear modification and new technology to mitigate spurdog bycatch.
7. Draft management measures for Northeast Atlantic spurdog, for consideration by Defra and the Commission, using the information from 2-6 above.
Project Documents
• FRP - Final Report : MB0125 CFP reform implementation   (3069k)
• TPS - Two Page Summary : MB0125 Final Two Page Summary   (295k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2013

To: 2015

Cost: £199,580
Contractor / Funded Organisations