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Cotswold Catchment Payments For Ecosystem Services Pilot - NE0144

The aim of this project is the development of a PES scheme in the Cotswolds catchment area, engaging landowners and multiple beneficiaries around water quality and quantity, land management, energy production and landscape. This will improve our understanding of catchment based approaches to water management.
2.2 Objectives

This PES pilot project has four main objectives running in parallel coming together to achieve Objective 5.

Objective 1: To collect and integrate existing data as part of a detailed evidence base:
• GIS over layering of natural asset and strategic data to create field by field relevant data set by using ILD to identify potential partners for PES.

Objective 2: To develop PES framework from ‘buyers’ perspective:
• 1:1 meetings with all stakeholder ‘buyers’ from the public, private and third sector that have an interest in developing a PES.

Objective 3: To survey and evaluate ‘sellers’ and develop PES framework from ‘sellers’ perspective:
• Analyse existing ESA data and Interview 10 farmers to capture their ideas and objectives in PES development and future intentions of existing/former ESA land.

Objective 4: Assisting in discussions concerning the location of field trials to provide gaps in the evidence base:
• To collect data to fill research gaps in the evidence base regarding the affects of productive agriculture and potential PES mitigation measures

Objective 5: To develop and agreed PES framework for the Cotswold Catchment:
• To develop a practical locally relevant PES framework by drawing together the finding of data collection, surveying, evidence and partner engagement that achieves multiple benefits

Project Documents
• FRP - Final Report : CotswoldPES Final Report 23072014   (1466k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2013

To: 2014

Cost: £18,251
Contractor / Funded Organisations
FWAG South West (Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group)
Economic Research              
Ecosystem Service