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Development of co-ordinated in situ and ex situ UK Farm Animal Genetic Resources conservation strategy and implementation guidance - GC0146

This project will document and evaluate current UK practices in the genetic conservation of farm animal genetic resources (FAnGR: cattle, sheep, goats, equines, pigs, poultry), and develop best practice guidance for conservation strategies and breeding programmes. Scope for influencing EU agricultural and rural development policy in favour of FAnGR conservation will be reviewed, together with the implications for FAnGR of this rapidly evolving policy environment.

Conservation of genetic variation is critical to the management of breeds at risk and minority breeds, and should be taken into account in the breeding programmes operative in mainstream breeds. Developments in the identification and traceability of individual animals are also of relevance to breed conservation. The effectiveness of these activities will be evaluated and on the basis of this evidence, and in the light of scientific knowledge, including recent developments in conservation genetics, user-friendly best-practice documents will be generated for use by policy makers, conservation managers and breeders. Time is of the essence as FAnGR must be incorporated in current discussions on EU rural policy, and the UK has global responsibilities for its FAnGR under the Convention on Biological Diversity, as well as under national and EU biodiversity commitments.
An expert team has been assembled with a record of timely project completion and wide scientific knowledge, who will work in parallel and in consultation with a Steering Committee to generate the following outputs:
1. Review of policy drivers (completion January 2013);
2. Review of breeding programmes – focus on retention of genetic variation in mainstream breeds (completion
February 2013);
3. Review of conservation strategies – focus on retention of genetic variation in rare and minority breeds
(completion February 2013);
4. Review of ex situ conservation activities (completion January 2013);
5. Review of identification and traceability issues (completion January 2013);
6. Production of best-practice documents (completion 31 March 2013).
Project Documents
• FRP - Final Report : GC0146 Conservation Strategies 24 April 2013-pdf   (3676k)
• SUM - Summary Report : Guidance 16 July 2013   (647k)
• SUP - Supplementary Report : Identification and Traceability Final   (886k)
• SUP - Supplementary Report : Policy Report Final   (1165k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2012

To: 2013

Cost: £66,550
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Livestock Diversity Ltd.