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Independent systematic review of impact of on-farm mitigation measures for delivering an improved water environment - WT0965

There are a number of mechanisms through which Defra requires and incentivises farmers in England and Wales to alter their farming and land use practices and implement alternative land uses with the aim of reducing agriculture's impact on the natural environment. There has been much research conducted on field ad plot scale to verify the likely impact such measures have and recently valuable attempts have been made to pull this evidence base together into handbooks. We aim to build on this evidence base, select some measures of particular interest and scrutinise all available evidence (UK and international) sources to help build a robust picture on their efficacy. It is imperative that policy and decision makers and delivery agencies have accurate, robust and independently reiewed information on the impact of interventions (mitigation measures) that are currently promoted by government or could be prioritised in the future.
To develop and produce a systematic review of all available amterial on the environmental impacts of a number of agricultural land management mitigation measures that may be relevant to the protection of environmental water quality in England and Wales.
Project Documents
• FRP - Final Report : WT0965 Final Report   (498k)
• FRP - Final Report : WT0965 Policy Distillation Document   (1907k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2012

To: 2013

Cost: £89,816
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Harper Adams University College
Water Quality