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LABELFISH EU Atlantic Area programme - FA0116

The European Union, and especially regions of the Atlantic area, are characterized by an intense economic and social relationship with marine resources. Most of them are linked with important fishery and aquaculture industries. For these regions, seafood traceability and labelling is important since, as producers, some of their products are threatened by low cost products from third countries imports, which sometimes are of dubious origin and may have been handled and produced with practices that do not comply with EU safety standards.

The main objective of LABELFISH is to set up a network of laboratories and national control bodies with experience and interest in the development of a common strategy and in the use of harmonized analytical techniques for the control of genetic traceability and labelling of seafood products which are sold in the European market and. This general objective will have as specific objectives: I) the development of a new database which will gather different existing genetic resources (mostly DNA genetic markers) and ii) the selection of tested and validated analytical tools for the identification of the selected fish species with commercial importance in the Atlantic area regions. These objectives are grounded in the extensive experience and background of the LABELFISH partners.
The over-arching aim is to propose standardised and validated analytical tools for their final incorporation in the corresponding labelling and traceability legislations. Expected outcomes of the present proposal are the protection of both European consumers and the SMEs involved in fisheries and aquaculture in the Atlantic regions. The former will be assisted by protecting their rights to correct product information and the latter by implementing reliable traceability and authentication genetic tools which will ultimately protect their own produce and their market niche.
Objective 1: Assessment of current fish traceability schemes across the Atlantic area
To analyse the current situation of traceability and labelling of seafood products sold in the markets of Atlantic region participant countries. The intention is to evaluate the current bottlenecks at regional & national level for an adequate implementation of traceability schemes and the appropriate labelling of European seafood products at transnational level. The results will permit to evaluate the experience and results of each competent administration across Atlantic regions in relation with the effective control of seafood labelling.

Objective 2: Standardisation of fish authenticity and genetic traceability methodologies
To analyse the current situation of methods and analytical tools which allow control of traceability and labelling of seafood products. Elaboration of a useful Atlantic genetic database for a selected number of species, exchange and harmonisation of fish authenticity methodologies for a selected number of species.

Objective 3: Atlantic network for species authenticity and labelling
To established a network of laboratories and public entities with interest and authority in seafood traceability and labelling, which can be the embryo of a future European network of fish authenticity laboratories

Objective 4: Dissemination
To organise and carry out all the dissemination activities of the project. Dissemination activities will include will be widely disseminated.

Objective 5: Project management
The objectives of this Activity include: the administrative, scientific and technical management of the Project, the coordination among the different groups and participating companies regarding the different activities, the evaluation and assessment of progress based on indicators (especially degree of achievement of milestones and progress indicators) and the economic management/justification.
Project Documents
• EVID4 - Final project report : evid4 LABELFISH   (462k)
• OTH - Other : Labelfish SOP   (3726k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2012

To: 2014

Cost: £38,514
Contractor / Funded Organisations
University of Salford
Food Chain