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Collaborative Centre of Excellence for Understanding and Managing Natural and Environmental Risks and Futures - SD0339

In April 2011, The Centre for Environmental Risks and Futures was contracted by Defra and 11 partners to deliver a package of pan-government futures research activities. This work included regular horizon scanning, risk prioritisation/analysis, scenario development and end-user “up-skilling” under four work streams:
1. Regular environmental horizon scanning to identify and disseminate emerging issues on the short, medium and long term horizons;
2. Integration of risk analysis concepts (such as likelihood and consequence matrices) to assess and prioritise the relative importance of emerging issues identified in [1] above;
3. Development of a programme of larger scale Futures (foresight) studies (e.g. scenario building) to investigate a range of plausible futures and their implications for high priority issues;
4. Building of wider capacity to assess future risks and opportunities, through a range of up-skilling training courses and knowledge exchange activities along with the preparation of associated materials.

Part of this was the Futures workshop: The noise environment in the UK to 2060:

This paper reports on a noise futures workshop held in 2013. The workshop aimed to:
• Identify the direct and indirect drivers that might affect the future noise environment.
• Understand plausible trends in these drivers.
• Determine what these trends might mean for the noise environment.
The outputs of the workshop have been analysed and reported by Cranfield University, supported by Extrium and Bureau Veritas. This work will be used to help inform the implementation of the Government’s policy on noise, which aims to promote health and wellbeing benefits through effective noise management. Cost of this part of the overall project: £15,000
Project Documents
• OTH - Other : NOISE FUTURES REPORT Apr 2014 NTC   (930k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2011

To: 2014

Cost: £1,800,000
Contractor / Funded Organisations
University - Cranfield
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