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Understanding the Processes and Mechanisms for Community Lead Adaptation Planning - FD2624

The has been growing concern that participation in debates about adaptation to coastal erosion and flooding and the best solutions for different communities is not currently happening at the local level. There is a need to better involve communities in adaptation planning to encourage consensus and manage divergent opinion where consensus proves difficult. Evidence from urban regeneration suggests that involved and empowered communities and groups are also more mature and able to live with decisions where they understand the issues, risks and process and feel they have had their say.

The research will provide Defra and the Environment Agency with a policy framework approach and guidance resources for getting started on community led planning which would look at the key roles and key inter-relationships between the different stakeholders (including residents, advisors, convenors, funders, deliverers), existing initiatives that could be tapped into and sources of funding, and suggested methods and tools for engagement. Consideration will also be given to the full intergration of the framework with other planning strategies, consultations and public engagement processes.

The project findings revolved around the significant communications and engagement gaps relating to current approaches; lack of awareness of the problem or starting point; and how to structure and integrate adaptation planning in the context of the many other coastal management and planning activities.

The project has produced the CAPE guidance, which provides a framework and roadmap for local authorities and other bodies (responsible for planning and delivering services to coastal communities) on how they might engage and work with their communities to develop a plan for adapting to coastal change as described in the Coastal Change Policy. Communities and voluntary bodies may also find it useful as it provides an indication of the opportunities for involvement and influence.
Project Documents
• Final Report : FD2624 CAPE Final Guidance   (982k)
• Final Report - Annex : FD2624 CAPE Final Appendices   (742k)
• Final Report - SID5A : FD2624 SID5a   (44k)
• Technical Report : FD2624 Final Technical Report   (877k)
• Technical Summary : FD2624 Technical Summary   (99k)
• Two Page Summary : FD2624 Technical Summary   (47k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2008

To: 2009

Cost: £51,930
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Scott Wilson
Fields of Study
Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management