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Climate Change and the Demand for Water Revisited - WT01001

The Climate Change and the Demand for Water Revisted (CCDeW) project revists and updates an earlier water resources demand study (benchmark study by Herrington, 1996). The CCDeW project evaluates the impacts of climate change on water demand emerging from:
1) agriculture and horticulture
2) industry and commerce
3) domestic and leisure uses
4) recreational uses

The study;
- Explores the dynamics of water demand, using diagnostic statistics and expert opinion.
- Investigates the historical sensitivity of water demand to climatic variations.
- Compares the impacts under current scenarios.
- Includes different non-climatic reference scenarios.
- Evaluates key uncertainties, based on a range of socio-economic and climate scenarios and uncertainty in the underlying assumptions.
- Includes stakeholders and water experts in the design and review of the analysis.

Project Documents
• Final Report : CCDeW: Climate Change and Demand for Water   (1975k)
• Executive Summary : CCDeW Report Executive Summary   (52k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2000

To: 2003

Cost: £214,576
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Stockholm Environment Institute, University - Oxford
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Global Warming              
Water Demand              
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Fields of Study
Water Quality