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Development and testing of vaccines against badger tuberculosis - SE3216

Bovine tuberculosis remains an economically important problem in Great Britain with potential zoonotic consequences. The frequency of occurrence of bovine tuberculosis continues to increase and badgers have been identified as a significant reservoir for Mycobacterium bovis. The Krebs Report (1) recommended that the option of a badger vaccine for tuberculosis should be retained alongside the development of a vaccine for cattle. The expertise in badger immunology developed at VLA was used recently to facilitate a phase II BCG vaccination trial in wild badgers in the Republic of Ireland (2). In addition, ROAME-funded research at VLA continues to address the identification of suitable vaccine candidates for badgers and strategies to deliver them. The objective of this project is to build on our existing achievements and, in particular, to strengthen the collaboration between VLA and University College Dublin (UCD) in order to best facilitate progress on the development of a vaccine for badger tuberculosis. The main deliverable will be an experimental BCG vaccination/challenge study in badgers to provide information on optimal vaccine dose, route, immunogenicity and efficacy. We also propose to continue to develop delivery systems and suitable formulation for oral vaccination of badgers and to study the processing of BCG by the gut following oral administration. The search for better vaccine candidates than BCG or adjuncts to improve BCG will also continue using small animal models. This project will be supported and strengthened by continued research on the development of immunological reagents for badgers at VLA. Together, they enable DEFRA to retain the option of badger vaccination.
01 Establishment of an intratrachael M. bovis challenge model for badgers. (Kinetics of experimental infection defined immunologically, physiologically and pathologically) (By 31/03/2003)

02 Optimum dose and route of BCG vaccine determined in badgers. (By 31/03/2004)

03 Techniques developed for evaluating the uptake of live oral BCG by antigen-presenting cells in the gut. (By 31/03/2004)

04 Two vaccination/challenge studies with BCG performed in badgers. (By 31/03/2005)

05 Most promising subunit vaccine evaluated for protective and therapeutic efficacy in a mouse M. bovis challenge model. (By 31/03/2005)

Project Documents
• Final Report : Development and testing of vaccines against badger tuberculosis   (3006k)
• FRP - Final Report : An Investigation Into The Safety Of BCG Vaccine In Badgers   (392k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2002

To: 2005

Cost: £477,994
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Veterinary Laboratories Agency
Animal Health              
Bovine Tuberculosis              
Plants and Animals              
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Animal Health