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Neonicotinoid residue monitoring following Cruiser SB emergency authorisation - PR1205

In 2021, there was an emergency authorisation application to allow use of a product (Cruiser SB) containing the neonicotinoid thiamethoxam for the treatment of sugar beet seed in 2022. As part of the proposed stewardship scheme for the Cruiser SB application, a monitoring protocol was proposed by the applicants to monitor neonicotinoid residues in soils and vegetation in and around treated fields. This project expands the protocol where additional information would be beneficial for assessment. One of the elements of this project is analysis of neonicotinoid residues in pollen of flowering plants in field margins of treated fields. This requires flower head samples to be taken as part of the current sampling strategy, and requires residue analysis from pollen (both thiamethoxam and clothianidin) taken from these flowerheads. Another element is residue analysis for clothianidin from all the soil and vegetation samples that will be collected outside of this commission as part of the original stewardship scheme.
1) Flower head samples collected and delivered to the lab
2) Data provided for clothianidin residue analysis from vegetation and soil samples (GLP)
3) Data provided for thiamethoxam and clothianidin residue analysis from pollen samples, including storage stability (GLP)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2022

To: 2023

Cost: £33,400
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Agriculture and Water Quality              
Crop Pests              
Pest Control              
Fields of Study
Pesticide Safety