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Future Proofing Plant Health 2020 - PH0496

The Future Proofing Plant Health (FPPH) programme seeks to consolidate plant health research across Defra Group organisations (Forest Research, Joint Nature Conservation Committee, Natural England and Royal Botanic Gardens Kew) and the joint-venture body, Fera Science Ltd.

FPPH evidence supports our delivery of plant health policy and the Plant Biosecurity Strategy for Great Britain, addressing both immediate and emerging priority risks, alongside longer-term more-strategic needs.

The FPPH Memorandum of Understanding was renewed in July 2020 (as here under Project ID PH0496) and is expected to remain in force till at least March 2023. Historic records for earlier iterations of FPPH can be accessed under Project IDs PH0441 and PH0469.

For further information about the FPPH Programme and its portfolio of R&D please contact:

Additional information will also be added under ‘Documents’ as and when available.
Core FPPH aims are to:

•Provide responsive and interdisciplinary evidence supporting plant health policy drivers and the UK Plant Health Risk Register;

•Deliver interdisciplinary evidence and research outputs that improves our longer-term ability to prevent new pests arriving, detect them earlier and respond effectively to manage impacts;

•Maintain and develop plant health science capability and capacity in order to deliver current and future policy and evidence needs;

•Better align the Defra and Forestry Commission Tree Health and Plant Biosecurity research commissioned within the Defra Network.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2020

To: 2023

Cost: £4,084,875
Contractor / Funded Organisations
J N C C (JNCC - Joint Nature Conservation Committee) Support Committee, RBG Kew Enterprises Ltd, Forest Research Agency, F E R A (FERA), BGCI (Botanic Garden Conservation International)
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Fields of Study
Plant Health