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Further Benefits of Resource Efficiency - EV0441

In a time of economic difficulty, resource efficiency by businesses is seen as an opportunity to achieve environmental benefits while also strengthening business resilience and decreasing costs. It also has the potential to contribute substantially towards government targets to reduce CO2 emissions.

This report aims to build on a previous study from 2007, which found that around £6.4bn per year could be saved from resource efficiency measures that were no or low cost to businesses. At the time it equated to more than half the average year-on-year growth in profitability of the total UK economy that was achieved in the 5 years to 2007.

This study updates that no cost / low cost savings baseline and expands the scope to include the impacts of resource efficiency savings achievable through more investment. The savings are also looked at from the point of view of different sectors and resources. The information will be used to communicate to businesses the benefits of resource efficiency.

This study was undertaken by Oakdene Hollins through a framework contract.
Project Documents
• Final Report : The Further Benefits of Business Resource Efficiency   (3123k)
• Other : 2 PAGE SUMMARY - The Further Benefits of Business Resource Efficiency   (344k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2009

To: 2010

Cost: £93,688
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