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SUSTAINABLE CLOTHING ROADMAP: The role and business case for existing and emerging fibres in sustainable clothing - EV0420

The aim of the project was to evaluate the environmental and social impacts of existing and emerging clothing fibres and their market potential into the future, in order to determine the business case for clothing fibres and fabrics from a sustainability perspective. The intent was to provide industry with clarity on the environmental and social impacts of fibres/fabrics to enable increased use of those with sound sustainability credentials and economic viability.

The specific objectives of the project were as follows:

1. Identify and classify existing and emerging textile fibres of market interest.

2. Determine production trends for fibres identified and evaluate their market potential.

3. Identify the environmental and social impacts of the fibres of interest using existing evidence and expert guidance.

4. Identify knowledge gaps that prevent a thorough analysis of the environmental and social impacts.

5. Present a summary impact table of the sustainability information for each fibre.

6. Provide recommendations for policy and industry on the role for existing and emerging fibres in sustainable clothing.
Project Documents
• Final Report : EV0420_Full Report   (2022k)
• Other : Annex 1_Worshop participants   (67k)
• Other : EV0420_Peer Review Questionnaire   (133k)
• Other : EV0420_Research Summary   (200k)
• Technical Summary : EV0420_Summary Report   (629k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2008

To: 2009

Cost: £120,090
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Central Science Laboratory
Sustainable Consumption and Production              
Sustainable Development              
Fields of Study
Sustainable Consumption and Production