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Endocrine management of bovine infertility (EMBI) - LK0645

Poor fertility is one of the major problems facing the UK dairy industry and is approaching a level where sustainability of the industry is seriously threatened. Urgent action is required to halt the current decline in fertility, and to begin to improve the situation. The present application covers a programme of work designed to provide protocols through which to identify cows suffering from fertility problems and to treat them effectively. The overall aim is to move away from `blanket` treatment of large numbers of cows and and to target specific treatments to particular cows exibiting defined reproductive problems. To achieve this we will utilise our extensive scientific knowledge of the endocrine causes of reproductive failure in dairy cattle to develop practical treatment protocols that can be targetted to specific problem cows. This approach will both reduce unnecassary drug use, and deliver much greater benefits from those drugs that are used. The work is divided into two phases. In phase 1 we intend to build on our existing knowledge to both optimise and expand our repetoire of reproductive therapies and to determine how best to target these approaches to the cows that require them. In phase 2 we intend to ensure that our findings impact fully on actual on-farm dairy cow fertility by undertaking an extensive `technology transfer` program in which we will implement our findings firstly under carefully monitored conditions on selected farms and then in a full commercial situation.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2001

To: 2006

Cost: £745,084
Contractor / Funded Organisations
University - Nottingham
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