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EU GenRes 112 Brassica including B. carinata project: matching funds - GC0123SFV

The Genetic Resources Unit at Horticulture Research International Wellesbourne (HRIGRU) will act as Subco-ordinator for Brassica rapa in the EU GenRes-112 Brassica project. The specific HRIGRU work on B. rapa will include the development of a core collection based on the European Brassica database, screening this core collection for disease resistance, conserving the main germplasm collection and safety duplicates under international standard storage conditions. HRIGRU will also document, regenerate, conserve and characterise material in conjuction with the B. oleracea subgroup.
1. To act as national Brassica co-ordinator and subco-ordinator for the project work on Brassica rapa in the EU GENRES 112 Brassica project.
2. To co-ordinate and develop the core collection for Brassica rapa in the context of European collections by using the European Brassica database (Bras-EDB).
3. To prepare and edit data for incorporation in the Bras-EDB.
4. To regenerate accessions required for minimal characterisation using fly pollinators in insect-proof cages to maintain population integrity, and thus making them available for utilisation.
5. To maximise the longevity of the collections by using the international storage standards of 5% seed moisture content and –200C storage temperature.
6. To estimate the seed viability initially and periodically from the long-term store using International Seed Testing Association rules.
7. To maintain duplicate security collections under long-term storage conditions (-200C) for project partners and other gene banks.
8. To characterise Brassica accessions as defined within the project discussions using standard minimum descriptors.
9. To evaluate the B. rapa core collection for disease resistance
Project Documents
• Final Report : EU GenRes 112 Brassica including B. carinata project: matching funds   (334k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2000

To: 2004

Cost: £63,844
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Horticulture Research International
Organic Farming              
Plant Genetic Resources              
Fields of Study
Plant Genetics