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EU GenRes 105 Carrot project: matching funds - GC0122SFV

The Genetic Resources Unit at Horticulture Research International Wellesbourne (HRIGRU) will co-ordinate the EU1467/94 GenRes-105 project 'The Future of European Carrot: a programme to conserve, characterise, evaluate and collect carrot and wild relatives'. The project has 8 partners in 5 countries plus the Nordic Gene Bank. The HRIGRU objectives include the co-ordination, development of a European carrot inventory in conjunction with the ECP/GR European Umbellifer database, characterisation, regeneration, conservation under international standard long-term storage conditions and collection. The project will build on the concerted action of the European Co-operative Programme Umbellifer Working Group.
1. To establish and maintain the European Carrot/Daucus inventory in conjunction with the ECP/GR European Umbellifer Crops database.
2. To disseminate information and make the database available via the Internet.
3. To collaborate in the development of characterisation descriptors for carrot as a European PGR standard, and characterise HRIGRU accessions utilising these standards.
4. To regenerate accessions required for minimal characterisation using fly pollinators in insect-proof cages to maintain population integrity, and thus making them available for utilisation.
5. To maximise the longevity of the collections by using the international storage standards of 5% seed moisture content and –200C storage temperature.
6. To estimate the seed viability initially and periodically from the long-term store using International Seed Testing Association rules.
7. To maintain duplicate security collections under long-term storage conditions (-200C) for project partners and other gene banks.
8. To develop a core collection for carrot and identify putative duplicates in the Europan collections.
9. To collaborate in the collection of wild Daucus taxa, where applicable
10. To co-ordinate the project inputs, monitor project progress relative to the objectives and milestones and to edit annual technical and financial reports for the EU Agriculture Directorate.
Project Documents
• Final Report : EU GenRes 105 Carrot project: matching funds   (202k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2000

To: 2004

Cost: £95,768
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Horticulture Research International
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Plant Genetic Resources              
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Plant Genetics