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A study of Alexandrium Cysts off the East coast of Britain - FC0711

R&D Summary Objectives:- Determine the taxonomy and distribution including possible seed areas of the, ALEXANDRIUM cysts off the east coast of Britain and examine the role of the cysts in causing shellfish toxicity. Key customer purpose:- Identify posible sources of PSP outbreaks, as part of MAFF's implementation of the EC Shellfish Hygiene directive.
1. To determine the distribution of Alexandrium cysts on the east coast of Britain with particular attention to possible seed areas. 2. To isolate and culture motile cells from these cysts to determine the taxonomy of the species involved. 3. To investigate the toxicity of Alexandrium cysts from various regions of the north east coast. 4. To determine the presence of Alexandrium cysts in shellfish guts over an annual cycle. 5. To investigate whether Alexandrium cysts render shellfish toxic.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 1991

To: 1995

Cost: £111,499
Contractor / Funded Organisations
University - Westminster
Fields of Study
Fish Health and Aquaculture