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Changes to agricultural management under extreme events - likelihood of effects and opportunities nationally (Chameleon) - CC0361

This investigation will determine the key extreme events that farmers and agricultural experts feel most affect farm businesses and identify how these may change under climate change. The responses to the events in terms of both reactive and proactive adaptations will be explored in consultation with farmers across the UK. From this consultation process and a review of modelled adaptations and existing adaptations used outside of the UK, a range of most practical and worthwhile adaptations will be selected for more detailed analysis and costing. This costing process will consider both the existing practices within which any changes must fit and a current and a selection of future policy drivers that may affect their cost effectiveness. The costed adaptations will be presented in a form that is readily accessible to farmers through a matrix of adaptations related to extreme events, regions and commodities. Since it is important that agriculture takes on board the need to respond to climate change, a key aim of this work is to ensure a consensus is obtained amongst farmers that the adaptations considered are appropriate to their situation and are both practical and readily applicable.
1. To determine with agricultural stakeholders what are the main extremes that will affect agricultural production2. To assess how the frequency and magnitude may change in the future under climate change to the 2020s and how well such changes may be predicted3. To determine with the industry how it will adapt to these changes within the context of existing land use change drivers and projections of future socio economic change4. To provide a costed matrix of adaptations to extremes quantified by region, commodity, and broad soil type 5. To produce a final report providing examples and a timescale for inclusion of these adaptations into farm business and industry development plans
Project Documents
• Final Report : CC0361 - Final Report   (8329k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2005

To: 2008

Cost: £249,933
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Agriculture and Climate Change