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Genetic development of raspberry with improved pest and disease resistance - HH1027SSF

New improved, locally-adapted varieties, with pest and disease resistance attributes are needed to maintain the competitiveness of the UK raspberry industry. Genetic pest and disease resistances will reduce pesticide application, reduce annual growing costs and extend the life of raspberry plantations. The proposed project will build on the progress made in HH1014SSF and, with continuing industry funding for agronomic evaluation, will produce elite lines for industry trialling. The most promising lines will be identified and released for the benefit of the whole industry.
1. To produce raspberry lines with pest and disease resistance attributes by identifying resistant parents, making crosses and raising a seedling population each year.
2. To identify seedlings with resistance to the large raspberry aphid, Amphorophora idaei, which will avoid virus infection.
3. To identify parental lines which are not infected with raspberry bushy dwarf virus; to maintain RBDV negative plants of elite selections under glass and to raise RBDV negative plants for trial.
4. To identify lines with good shelf life for trial and as future parents.
5. To identify lines with resistance to cane diseases for trial and as future parents.
6. To hold a meeting of MAFF Raspbery Breeding Steering Group each year to discus industry objectives and line suitable for further development.
Project Documents
• Final Report : final report   (105k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 2000

To: 2003

Cost: £329,092
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Horticulture Research International
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