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Laboratory analysis of spiked GM soya-containing foods - AN1169(2)

To analyse 24 samples of 3 main categories of processed foodstuffs spiked with known amounts of GM soya. These will include three main food types; a biscuit, canned meat puree and a cooked/frozen vegetable puree which have been spiked with 3 different spiked levels of GM full fat soya (10%, 1% and 0.1%). In addition the vegetable puree will conatin GM soya protein isolate as opposed to the GM full fat soya flour. Each of the 3 categories will also coantin a sample with 0% GM material incorprated.
To quantitatively determine the GM content of spiked samples of certain specially prepared foods using the real-time PCRechnique. Each of 4 laboratories (LGC, RHM, CSL and Eurofins) to analyse 24 samples of 3 different types of processed food categories (a biscuit, canned meat and frozen vegetable puree) containing three different amounts of spiked GM full fat soya flour ( 10% , 1% and 0.1% . A sample of each at 0% incorpration of GM material will also be analysed. The results of the four different labs will then be compared to determine the accuracy of the methodolgy used and whether this can be confidently used to carry our a survey of GM free claims on foods.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 1999

To: 1999

Cost: £84,750
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Eurofins Laboratory, Central Science Laboratory, RHM Group Ltd, LGC