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Modelling radionuclides in upland organic soils - AE0113

R&D Summary objectives:- Develop a model (RADIOCHUM) to describe the behaviour of atmospherically deposited radio nuclides in organic soils, so as to predict their movement and persistnce within the soil profile and concentration in drainage waters. Key customer purpose:- Improve MAFF's ability to respond to atmosptheric deposition of radio nuclides in upland catchments by predicting their behaviour in terms of persistence in soils, availability to plants and animals, and transfer to surface waters.
1 Extend the present equilibrium model for ion-binding by soil humic substances to include trace metallic radio elements. 2 Validate the equilibrium model with published data, and with the results of a limited number of experiments. 3. Formulate a simple model for uptake and release of radionuclides by plants. 4 Combine the equilibrium and plant uptake models with a water flow model. 5 Carry out a series of simulations of radio nuclide behaviour under different conditions, on both long and short time scales.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 1992

To: 1994

Cost: £103,300
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Natural Environment Research Council
Fields of Study
Environmental Protection - Marine