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Testing of Vaccine Candidates for Bovine Tuberculosis using a Low Dose Aerosol Challenge Guinea Pig Model - SE3209

The current test and slaughter policy used for the control of bovine tuberculosis (TB) in cattle has failed to prevent a sharp rise in cases of the disease in recent years, especially in south-west England. This is thought to be due, at least in part, to the relatively high occurrence of M. bovis infection in badgers, which act as reservoirs of infection in this area (1). The Krebs report (2) recommends that the best prospect for long term control of bovine TB is to develop a vaccine against M. bovis in cattle and that the option of badger vaccination should be retained. In the Krebs report it was recommended that in the first five years of a vaccine development programme candidates should be generated and tested in laboratory animal models. At VLA we propose to generate candidate vaccines in proposal XF0304. The aim of this proposal is to test vaccine candidates in the low dose aerosol challenge guinea pig model which has been developed at VLA as part of ROAME XF0304 in collaboration with the Centre for Applied Microbiological Research (CAMR). The selection of vaccine candidates use in cattle and badgers will be based on the safety data and the immunological and pathological correlates of protection identified in these models. This proposal addresses points A, C, & H of MAFF’s research requirement to develop improved strategies to reduce herd breakdown.
Obj. No. Completed by date Description
VLA 27/12/1999 Seed stocks of M. bovis challenge strains at known concentration produced and stored at -80 degrees C.

CAMR 17/08/2000 Virulence of M. bovis challenge strain compared with two other isolates in the guinea pig.

CAMR 07/06/2000 Correlates of protection suitable for high-throughput vaccine screening determined in the guinea pig using BCG Pasteur.

CAMR 18/04/2001 Culture of M. bovis from organs replaced by luminescent assay.

CAMR 05/01/2002 Luminescent assay evaluated in a BCG vaccination experiment.

CAMR 30/06/2004 Attenuation of 30 vaccine candidates based on virulent mycobacteria evaluated in the guinea pig.

CAMR 30/06/2004 Ability of 60 vaccine candidates (attenuated or subunit) to sensitise to tuberculin evaluated in the guinea pig.

CAMR 29/12/1999 Henderson apparatus purchased and commissioned at CAMR.

CAMR 31/05/2004 At least one vaccine candidate with improved efficacy/suitability over the ‘gold standard’ BCG Pasteur vaccine identified to go forward to field trials in cattle and badgers.

CAMR 30/06/2000 Preliminary discussion held with representatives of Hoechst Roussel Vet, InterVet and Pasteur Merrieux to explore industrial support for candidate vaccine(s).

VLA 30/06/2004 Annual progress reports, publications, and final report produced.

Project Documents
• Final Report : testing of vaccine candidates for bTB using a low dose aerosol challenge guinea pig model   (765k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 1999

To: 2004

Cost: £1,068,045
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Veterinary Laboratories Agency
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Bovine Tuberculosis              
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