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A review of current European research on organic farming - OF0171

In support of it’s policy to expand organic farming, MAFF sponsors a programme of research and extension (through OCIS) to provide information to producers on organic systems of production. A considerable body of information is also available from Europe, a significant proportion of which may be directly relevant to UK production systems. The purpose of this review is to provide a comprehensive framework which sets out clearly the content and key results of current European research programmes. The overall objective is to increase the body of knowledge and information available to UK producers and extension workers, and to help direct UK research effort. UK producers, processors, retailers, and ultimately the consumer will be the main beneficiaries. Key messages and findings will be disseminated through a variety of media, some for immediate incorporation into existing production systems. Increased knowledge will build confidence, encourage more efficient production, address specific technical problems, and improve the overall competitiveness of UK organic farming.
1. To gain an up to date overview of research currently being undertaken by selected European states, into organic systems and methods of production.

2. To provide by March 1999 a comprehensive report detailing the structure, range and content of these research programmes, summarizing key results and providing a preliminary assessment of their potential application to UK organic farming systems.

3. In consultation with MAFF, to prioritise (from the results of 2 above) specific research projects for more detailed study/visits, with particular reference to their application for the UK.

4. To compile by 30 June 1999 comprehensive study tour reports for the sites/projects selected under 3 above.
Project Documents
• Final Report : A review of current European research on organic farming   (50k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 1998

To: 1999

Cost: £45,207
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