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Organic farming research database - OF0160

MAFF is encouraging expansion of organic farming in the UK and has increased the budget for Organic Farming R&D. In order for this budget to be used effectively and efficiently, good information on current and past research is needed.

To fulfil this need, it is proposed to create a comprehensive bibliographic database on all aspects of organic farming research relevant to the UK (and temperate regions) covering literature published in the last 25 years. The database will be created from a subset of the general agriculture database, CAB ABSTRACTS, and supplied on CD-ROM in industry standard format. All necessary software will be included.

The purpose of the database is:
* to provide a comprehensive bibliographic information resource on organic farming research relevant to temperate regions;
* to supply the database in a stand-alone package, that needs no unusual hardware or software;
* to support MAFF-sponsored and other research and development programmes in organic farming in the UK.

The CD-ROM will contain the following:
* approximately 80,000 bibliographic records with fully informative abstracts on organic farming research from 1972 to the present selected from the approximately 10000 journal titles that are scanned for the CAB ABSTRACTS database, as well as conference proceedings, reports, and books;
* integrated search software.

The CD-ROM will be updated annually.
1. Create a database on organic farming in its broadest sense and supply it on CD-ROM with fully integrated search software by late -1999. The CD-ROM will not require unusual hardware or software to function. Software compatible with IBM PC, Apple Macintosh, and NEC formats will be provided. (Please see the attached CAB International Year 2000 Compliance Position Statement.)

The database will include about 80,000 bibliographic records, >95% with informative abstracts, taken from the CAB ABSTRACTS database, covering the research literature on organic farming in temperate regions from 1972 to date. These data will be extracted by specially prepared search profiles prepared in consultation with experts in organic farming research to ensure appropriate subject coverage.
Project Documents
• Executive Summary : Organic Farming Research Database   (37k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 1999

To: 2002

Cost: £20,711
Contractor / Funded Organisations
CABI Bioscience
Organic Farming              
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Organic Farming