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To investigate the likely effects on vegetable crops of changes in mean temperature associated with global warming - CC0306

This study will aim to investigate effects of increased temperature associated with global warming on vegetable crop growth and development with a view to providing an aid to strategic planning in the horticultural industry. The project will also seek to develop a research facility testing such temperature effects on crop growth; this facility would necessitate simulation of conditions similar to those in the field but over a range of temperatures. A literature review will be performed to determine temperature effects on growth and development of UK vegetable plant species and will identify sensitive species and growth stages, as well as numerical data relating to temperature effects. A computerised database will be established to allow searching by plant species, plant part, growth stage or process. A large polyethylene thermogradient tunnel, which will provide a linear variation in temperature, will then be designed and erected, with operation of heating, ventilation and control systems being tested and modified as necessary. Effects of tunnel conditions on test crops will be monitored to provide a full 12 months’ worth of data. Previously identified temperature-sensitive plant species will also be monitored for their responses to different temperatures. The project complements work on controlled environment studies relating to effects of temperature and CO2 on crop growth. Since the research facility can only monitor 1 or 2 species for less than 1 year, more research will be required to provide quantitative data regarding major field vegetables.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 1991

To: 1997

Cost: £194,000
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Horticulture Research International
Fields of Study
Agriculture and Climate Change