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Digital mapping of EC soil map (Follow on SR0104) - LE0307

(Transferring to SR0104 in 1994/95)

LE0307. Digitise EC soil map (SSLRC Project No. 3811).

It is proposed to mount a digital version of the EC soil map at a scale of 1:1,000,000 within the Land Information System database (LandIS). Datasets obtained from the original digitization of the map were found to be faulty because of edge matching problems. However, a new digital form of the map will soon be available. This project will focus on the processing of raw data into a form similar to that of the National Soil Map for England and Wales. In the first year of the project, raw data will be loaded, processed, displayed and validated for the digital version of the EC soil map. In the second year, the data will be converted into raster format and incorporated into LandIS. The LandIS database will be restructured and work will begin on a series of possible interpretations, using key parameters such as workability, droughtiness, soil aspects of environmental risk assessment and appropriateness of different crops for comparing land suitability. The final phase of the study will involve restructure of the LandIS system to embrace the EC soil map, together with comparative studies using the EC and National Soil Maps.
Project Documents
• Final Report : Digital mapping of EC soil map   (18k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 1990

To: 1994

Cost: £15,000
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Soil Survey and Land Research Centre
Fields of Study
Soil Protection