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The diagnosis and neuropathological monitoring of suspect BSE cases - SE0225

To monitor BSE cases to determine whether or not the BSE epidemic continues to be sustained by a single stable strain of BSE agent and to compare the sensitivity and specificity of a number of diagnostic test to that of the current statutory method of diagnosis.
1. Compare the results from histology, SAF, ICC and Western blotting in 250 clinical suspects (100 positive, 150 negative by the current statutory diagnostic criteria) with a date of birth in 1993.
2. Lesion profile 100 confirmed cases of BSE born after 01/01/1994.
3. Determine the neurohistological differential diagnosis (if any) in a random sub-sample of 160 clinically suspect cases, born after 01/01/94, which are not confirmed histologically as BSE.
4. Perform PrP ICC and Western blotting on all cases born after 01/01/94 which are selected for objectives 02 and 03.
5. Detect and define any atypical neuropathological expression of BSE in suspects born after 01/01/94.
6. Define the specificity and sensitivity of SAF, Western blotting and ICC relative to hiostopathology for the diagnosis of naturally occuring BSE, and compare this with the findings of a similar study in natural scrapie (TS 4002).
Project Documents
• Final Report : The diagnosis and neuropathological monitoring of suspect BSE cases.   (1336k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 1999

To: 2002

Cost: £163,800
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Veterinary Laboratories Agency
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