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Epidemiology of fungally transmitted cereal viruses - CE0526

The project aims to study the epidemiology and control of the mosaic viruses of winter barley, with particular reference to the threat from resistance-breaking isolates of barley yellow mosaic virus. In particular, it is proposed (1) to study the dynamics of both the vector and the viruses so that the stability of varietal resistance can be predicted, (2) to determine the nature of the resistance-breaking variant(s) and to investigate their distribution in susceptible varieties and (3) to determine whether new fungicides developed to control root-diseases have any effect (positive or negative) on the virus vector, Polymyxa graminis. This project will provide important information that addresses the MAFF policy objectives of providing options for control of diseases to promote cost-effective and environmentally benign production and of keeping abreast of changes in disease spectra. Results will be of value to and underpin the applied programmes of the farming industry (H-GCA, farmers and advisers) in assessing the risks of planting susceptible varieties, in variety selection and in assessing the benefits (or risks) of planting seed treated with fungicides to control root-infecting pathogens. They will also assist plant breeders in assessing the likely lifespan of current resistance genes and help the Ministry in shaping a response to any proven introduction or detection of the fungally-transmitted viruses of winter wheat in the UK.
1. to measure the changes in inoculum of virus and vector within and outside disease patches during three consecutive crops of susceptible winter barley and relate this to symptom production.
2. to confirm the nature of resistance-breaking variants of barley yellow mosaic virus and to monitor their occurrence in samples of infected susceptible barley.
3. To monitor incidental effects of fungicides recently developed for the control of cereal root diseases on the virus vector, Polymyxa graminis.
Project Documents
• Final Report : Epidemiology of fungally transmitted cereal viruses   (181k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 1999

To: 2003

Cost: £207,178
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Rothamsted Research (BBSRC)
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Fields of Study
Arable Crops