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Complementarities and conflicts between farming and incomers to the countryside in England and Wales - RE0108

This study will aim to advance understanding of the complementarities and conflicts between farming and incomers to the countryside, to consider the implications for policy and to promote good practice. A range of complimentary techniques will be used to conduct the research, including: interrogation of previous farmer survey data sets; archival research; key interviews with industry representatives; an interview survey with incomers; and focus group work with interested groups and individuals. Work will focus on 5 study areas selected as representatives of different migration experiences and farming types: remote/uplands - livestock (e.g. west/north Wales); less remote/lowlands - arable (e.g. Norfolk); accessible/lowlands - arable (e.g. Hampshire); remote/lowlands - livestock (e.g. Cornwall); and accessible/lowlands - livestock (e.g. Cheshire) A review of relevant academic and contract research literature (taken from database, Internet, MAFF, university and agency information sources) covering social surveys of rural inhabitants, farmers and countryside management issues will be conducted. The review will identify likely complementarities and conflicts between farming and related activities and incomers to the countryside and will establish the nature and content of the attitude of incomers to specified farming and allied practices and environmental and related issues. Archival research (including coverage of farming publications and Internet sources) on farming/incomer conflicts will also be conducted. This will supplement data obtained from the review in order to provide a comprehensive picture of the extent and nature of complementarities/conflicts. In addition, key interviews will be carried out with farming organisation representatives (NFU/FUW/CLA officials) and members of rural communities to enhance knowledge of existing and potential conflicts between farming and incomers and to help explore prospects and potentialities for conflict resolution. Good practice guidelines and policy recommendations aimed at promoting conflict resolution and facilitating appropriate endogenous rural development will be developed. A report covering the overall objectives will be produced at the end of the study.
Project Documents
• Final Report : Complementarities and conflicts between farming and incomers to the countryside in England and Wales   (41k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 1998

To: 2000

Cost: £89,775
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Countryside and Community Research Unit
Fields of Study
Rural Affairs