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Management of sow and litter in a free farrowing environment - AW0121

Research into the development of Free Farrowing systems, as alternatives to the conventional farrowing crate, has identified key featres of the accommodation as well as the stock. However, piglet mortality levels are still above those in conventional systems. Aspects of the management of Free Farrowing systems, such as individual instead of group lactation and concentration of farrowing during the day through induced partuition, may help to reduce piglet mortality further. The present proposal addresses both these management procedures, with the aim to study their effects on sow behaviour, piglet survival and stock person input. Producers who already use these systems in practice may benefit from the findings and further improve the welfare of their animals, and performance of their herd. Producers who are using farrowing crates may, depending on the results of the current project, be encouraged to convert to systems which allow the sow more freedom during lactation. The results will also provide information upon which future legislation in the EU and UK may be based.
Project Documents
• Final Report : Management of sow and litter in a free farrowing environment   (5119k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 1998

To: 2001

Cost: £276,925
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Animal Welfare