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The whole food approach - development of a new approach to the risk assessment of inherent natural toxicants. - FS2082

The overall objective of this proposal is to provide MAFF with a report of the Whole Food Approach scheme, including a discussion of the overall scheme, identification of components which have already been demonstrated to be feasible, identification of the gaps in the scheme where data are lacking, and recommendations for research to fill those gaps. 1. To identify relevant international and national experts in the field and invite them to participate in the workshop. 2. The relevant issues to be addressed in the scheme will be identified following discussion with MAFF and the invited speakers, and a short discussion document will be prepared. 3. The discussion document and the position papers of the speakers will be circulated to all delegates and discussed at a closed session 1 and a half day workshop. The workshop will include an evaluation of current possibilities using the whole food approach, the identification of key knowledge gaps and the proposal of research that may address these gaps. 4. A report will be produced which will include the discussion document, the position papers and a report of the workshop discussions together with an account of the knowledge gaps and proposed research to address these issues. 5. Following incorporations of comments received from MAFF, the review will be presented as an unpublished report to MAFF and may, with MAFF approval, form the basis of a publication in the peer-reviewed literature.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 1997

To: 1998

Cost: £24,270
Contractor / Funded Organisations
Medical Research Council