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Role and diagnostic value of classical swine fever virus - SE0752

Classical Swine Fever (CSF) remians a major economic problem within the EU. Large scale outbreaks such as those in Holland necessitate the testing of many thousands of samples for the presence of the virus or serological evidence of exposure to it. High sample numbers in addition to the use of existing complex, non-specific or insensitiv tests hinder the effective control of disease. It is possible that marker vaccines may be introduced, requiring tests to differentiate between infectd and vaccinated pigs.
In previous studies, we have a) developed a molecular virus detection system (TaqMan) which automates the interpretation of PCR tests and has a high sensitivity; b) used genomic sequencing to produce a high reoultion assay for differentiation of virus isolates in epidemiogical studies; c) produced a small number of recombinant CSFV antigens. We will build upon and extend these advances by following a four-fold approach:
1) we will improve and evaluate the prototype TaqMan assay to a stage where it can be effectively used in place of antigen ELISA and virus isolation.
2) We will increase the size of our CSFV genetic database and use it to evaluate current and future outbreaks of the disease.
3) We will address the problems on serological diagnosis by the use of molecular technology to produce more specific test.
4) We will use the reagents produced from 3) as probes to allow us to study virus infection adn replication processess and to investigate the immune responses to CSFV infection.
01: Produce fully evaluates, CSFV- specific TaqMan diagnostic system.
02: Extend genetic sequence database and use it to investigate isolates from all avaliable CSF outbreaks.
03: Develop specific serlogical assays based upon proteins produced by recombinant expression systems.
04: Utilise recombinant protein to investigate virus/cell interactions.
05: Utilise recombinant genes and proteins to investigate the immune responses to CSFV.
Project Documents
• Final Report : Classical swine fever: diagnosis and virulence   (6086k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 1998

To: 2001

Cost: £287,117
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Veterinary Laboratories Agency
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