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Improvements in marketing structures needed if locally grown produce is to contribute to the local rural economy - RE0107

MAFF intend to develop policies that will assist farmers in the development of new non-food producing activities. At the moment, little reliable information exists on the use of marketing structures by farmers to promote sales of non-agricultural products. This study will aim to identify ways in which farmers can access market information, with particular reference to product packaging and distribution issues. Methods that could be used by farmers to assimilate such information into their strategies for change will also be determined. In addition, attempts will be made to identify possible actions that could be undertaken to improve the current marketing structures, in order to facilitate development of local non-agricultural production, particularly in areas where it will provide tangible benefits for the local economy. Obstacles to development of local non-agricultural produce will be determined via a postal questionnaire, which will be sent to 2 distinct groups: producers, suppliers and processors of local produce; and retailers and consumers of such produce.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 1997

To: 1998

Cost: £51,337
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Fields of Study
Rural Affairs