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Grass and soil surveys from around nuclear sites: 1997-1999 - RP0436

The programme of work concerns grass and soil surveys and analyses that are to be taken around 18 UK nuclear establishments to supplement the TRAMP programme. Radionuclides to be anaylsed include H-3, S-35, C-14, Sr-90, Pu-239+240 and gamma-emitters. In addition, it is proposed to provide Pu-238 data when levels are detectable and low-level Am-241 analyses would be undertaken on samples collected from Harwell, Sizewell and Sellafield.
To supplement MAFF's routine programme of sampling foodstuffs produced in the vicinity of licensed nuclear sites from TRAMP. This project is to provide additional information using environmental indicator materials of trends in radionuclide concentrations against time. The data will form part of that to be provided to the EU so as to discharge the UK's responsibilities under the EURATOM directive. The study complements work already carried out between 1992 and 1996, inclusive.
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 1997

To: 2000

Cost: £69,631
Contractor / Funded Organisations
AEA Technology, Abingdon