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Determination of total uranium in samples from MAFF`s 1996 TRAMP & FARM monitoring programme - RP0435

The Radiological Safety Division of MAFF is responsible for monitoring the food chain for its radiological safety. This is done via comprehensive independent monitoring programmes for radioactivity in terrestrial foodstuffs in England and Wales since 1986. These are the Terrestrial Radioactivity Monitoring Programme (TRAMP) and Food and Agricultural Radiological Monitoring Programme (FARM). Thse uranium determinations form part of the analytical requirements for these monitoring programmes for samples taken in 1996. Samples are to be analysed for 1996 will include milk, crops, total diet foods, grass, soil and feaces. Each sample will be naalysed for total uranium (U-234 + U-235 + U-238)
1. To analyse milk, crops, total diet, grass, soil and faecal samples for total uranium content (U-234 + U-235 + U-238) by delayed neutron counting. 2. To report the analytical results to MAFF within one month of receipt of pre-prepared samples. Results are to be reported as mBq l-1 for milk; mBq kg-1 (fresh weight) for crops, total diet samples, grass and faecal samples; and, mBq kg-1 (dry weight) for soil
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 1997

To: 1997

Cost: £4,285
Contractor / Funded Organisations
University - London