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Effect of organic farming on flora and fauna of the uplands - OF0104

Converting agricultural production systems to organic farming is likely to have a considerable impact on associated flora and fauna. This study will aim to investigate the ecological consequences of upland organic farming for key plant and animal groups. The initial part of the study will involve the creation of an organic unit within a conventional farming enterprise to provide organic and conventional experimental resources. A series of field experiments will be undertaken to investigate the dynamics of communities of selected plant and animal groups arising as they respond to imposed changes in farming practice; these will provide data for model development. Models will be developed to describe and predict the ecological consequences of organic farming for 2 groups of organisms that will be most affected by organic farming practices (economically important grass and weed plants and earthworms) in terms of ecological processes associated with their life history strategies. Data derived from replicated experiments will be used to validate model outputs and predictions. Results of the study will greatly increase understanding of the implications of organic farming in upland areas; in addition, the modelling framework developed will provide an objective framework for assessing the long term consequences of changes in farming practices on 2 of the principal groups of organisms in agricultural land.
Project Documents
• Final Report : Effect of organic farming on flora and fauna of the uplands   (993k)
Time-Scale and Cost
From: 1991

To: 1994

Cost: £73,000
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