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To determine what improvements in marketing structures are needed if locally grown produce is to contribute to the rural economy - RE0105

local rural economy

RE0105. Marketing structures, locally grown produce and the local rural economy.

Policies are needed that will assist farmers in making the transition to increased reliance on new non food-producing activities while also maintaining the balance of interests provided for in MAFF`s overall policy framework. Research is required to ensure that rural policies developed by MAFF are effective, and to identify rural issues where intervention is desirable and those where it is not. This study will investigate the factors associated with successful marketing of local produce by farmers and will also identify obstacles to the uptake of local produce in the region of production. The study will involve a literature review, a pilot study and a postal questionnaire. In parallel with a literature review on existing marketing structures for products entering the local economy, the pilot study will involve a series of structured interviews with successful producers and others involved in the local market. The pilot study will aim to identify the marketing structures used and how those structures relate to the needs of the customer; it will also seek to identify characteristics of successful practice between supplier and customer. The questionnaire will focus on a large number of businesses who are in a position to source local produce, with the objective of identifying obstacles preventing the development and uptake of local produce.

Time-Scale and Cost
From: 1996

To: 1997

Cost: £15,000
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Fields of Study
Rural Affairs